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Mixed Incontinence Treatment

Although it is bad enough that so many suffer from UI, most have either urge or stress UI. What is even more devastating is that a number of these UI sufferers actually have a combination of the two, usually referred to as mixed. This makes treatment much more difficult. It is estimated that as many as 45% of the UI afflicted population has mixed UI. What makes this such a problem for the UI sufferers is that many of the current UI treatment products have been targeted at treating only one or the other, either urge or stress.

For instance, most of the current array of pharmaceutical products are targeted at the treatment of only urge UI. There are several drugs on the market that target only stress incontinence, but for the most part the bladder-neck and sling suspension surgical protocols / products are also primarily prescribed for stress UI. Adding to the problem is the fact that many of the UI drug treatment products have demonstrated effectiveness only in the milder cases. If a person has both a more than mild case and also has mixed UI, the probability that she or he will obtain relief for their UI is quite low. This problem is precisely why a treatment product designed to treat all forms of UI, especially in the more severe levels of the condition, would be so well received.

The FCD product will set new standards in the ease of implant, the ease of use, having a more modest adverse events profile and a lower risk profile as compared to all of the other currently-approved severe UI products and procedures. This should account for a fourth of the UI market. The product is expected to last a lifetime, with little or no deterioration in its efficacy.

The FCD product is expected to have such a wide range of use, including being able to treat overflow UI cases, as a result of its simplistic design. The device stops the incontinence at the exact point of the problem – the flow of urine through the urethra.

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