Precision Medical Devices, Inc. Upgrades Telemetry Control System For Its Flow Control Device

Fort Lauderdale, FL – February 23, 2012 – Precision Medical Devices’ (PMD) management and engineering team has just completed the first bench tests of the PMD’s new, Bluetooth™-based, telemetry control system being installed in its newly manufactured urinary incontinence control product. All of the control and monitoring functions were demonstrated, including a number of the “failsafe” mechanisms, along with all of the data archiving features were reviewed and found to be functional.

The new telemetry control system will be able to make incremental adjustments of the pressure exerted on closing-off the urethra of a subject patient implanted with PMD’s patented urethral (Flow Control Device -FCD) valve via the system’s wireless, physician-operated control box unit. The telemetry procedure adjustment of the closing pressure on the urethra can be done as often as necessary to find the optimum closing pressure for each patient, which is expected to result in optimum dryness, but is also expected to result in minimum damage to the urethra itself. The subject patient, will be able to open and close the implanted valve as often as he/she desires when they feel the urge to urinate using their own hand-held, car-key-entry-like remote trigger. When not being triggered to open by the patient, the FCD valve is expected to arrest the unwanted flow of urine in between bathroom visits.

The combination of a remote-controlled open/close system for the subject patient and the remote-controlled telemetry adjustment system for the attending physician will likely make the new PMD Flow Control Device the most efficacious and optimal treatment for severe urinary incontinence. PMD expects to be beginning a new battery of implants within the next 90 days to test all of the features of its FCD in live subjects toward its goal of making application for regulatory approvals in numerous markets throughout the world, after additional clinical trials are completed.

About Precision Medical Devices, Inc. (PMD)
PMD is a medical device company whose products are focused on treating the following medical conditions; urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, erectile dysfunction and obesity, among others. Founded in 1998, PMD is composed of notable medical professionals and engineers dedicated to the continued progress and pursuit of a cure for the previously listed conditions. These conditions account for over $500 billion worth of expenses, worldwide annually.

About the Flow Control Device (FCD)
The FCD is a first-of-its-kind medical device, focusing on the treatment of severe urinary incontinence. The device itself is a bionic implanted urethral valve that is remotely-controlled and telemetry adjustable. Designed to constrict the urethra to arrest the flow of urine, the FCD is expect to become the optimal treatment for severe urinary incontinence.

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